Customized products

All of our products are available with custom printing, sizing, packaging and quality materials. Our own production and manufacturing partners are here to assist you with any inquiries.

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Paper bags

We offer paper bags with customized printing up to 100 % coverage and 8 printing colors per print. Customized sized of paper bags are available from 50.000 pcs.

Wide format

Our own converting facility can produce and convert all different specialty paper and other materials with widht up to 2500mm.

Plastic bags

Plastic shopper bags in any shape or size are available on request. Printing is available on up to 8 printing colors per print.

All products

Wide Format

A wide selection of paper products in reel format. We produce reels in width up to 2570 mm.

Thermal Rolls

Wholesale of thermal and woodfree cash register rolls. All specialty sizes available on order.


Paper bags, plastic bags, biodegradable shopper bags and gift bags for wholesale and store chains.

Customized Products

Tailored options available for our whole product range.

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